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How an idea
came to life

Nuclearabbit is an international tattoo and piercing studio based in Berlin Friedrichshain since the 31st October 2013 from an idea of Lea Plinsky and MADV.

Our tattoo artists are specialized in realistic trash polka, black & gray, horror, black and abstract style. Nuclearabbit is also a Body Piercing Studio and Piercing Shop.

We pay full attention to hygiene, safety and to your satisfaction. Nuclearabbit is glad to present a multipurpose space where Art, Tattoo and Body Piercing mingle and blend to create an unique Art concept.

Every customer will be led through the composition of their art-piece, together, step by step through the realization of your own tattoo in a Creative and Natural way. Lets make your wish real.

Your Idea, Our Professionalism, Amazing Work.

choose us

  1. We assure our customers the highest hygiene standards
  2. We strictly work only with certified and approved materials
  3. We use vegan tattoo ink
  4. High quality piercing jewelry – ASTM F136 implant-grade titanium
  5. Competence
  6. Great Art, Tattoo and Piercing Experience
  7. You will always be more than welcomed at Nuclearabbit for a consultation about your next Tattoo or Piercing project
  8. We have candies!

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